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Trakka Akuna A2M Video Roadtest

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Trakka's Akuna A2M is the first iMotorhome Magazine video roadtest and it's now live on our video page.

"It shouldn’t be difficult to tell that I think the Akuna A2M – and the Akuna range – will be another winner. Trakka’s design innovation continues to lead the industry and the closer you look the more you realise just how far ahead it is," said Richard Robertson in summing up the written review in the July issue of iMotorhome Magazine.

"The new Crafter would be my choice for a new motorhome base vehicle at the moment. Its next-generation design and engineering won’t quickly age and it has the requisite bells and whistles to keep tech nerds happy. On top of that it delivers an excellent driving experience. The icing on the cake is it’s backed by an unmatched warranty and service package that makes European vehicle ownership practical and affordable.

"Sure you can buy cheaper than the Akuna A2M but as they say, quality is its own reward. Trakka’s move to the new VW Crafter gives an extra string to its bow that now neatly stretches across the whole van-conversion spectrum. It might well mean no worries for the rest of a buyer’s days, and surely that’s worth making a song and dance about..."

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