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About Us

iMotorhome is the only magazine, app and website dedicated to motorhomes and campervans in Australia and New Zealand – with an eye on the wider world.


An independent publication from arguably the most experienced journalists in the industry, iMotorhome combines editorial integrity, insights and humour in a way no bean-counter-run organisation can.


iMotorhome Magazine launched in May 2012 and was the first free, digital-only publication in the genre. Designed to be downloaded and browsed off-line at the readers’ convenience, it remains unique in the marketplace.


Now in its ninth year and approaching 200 issues, iMotorhome Magazine continues to evolve and innovate, as witnessed by the recent release of the new iMotorhome App.


Unlike traditional mobile apps, the new iMotorhome App bypasses app stores: It can be downloaded directly to your Apple, Android, Blackberry or Windows smartphone or tablet without the need for an account or even signing in. It can also be shared organically by users via text, email or social media.


In addition to downloading the magazine and accessing the iMotorhome website, the App has an growing range of features designed to enhance the user experience.


From novice campervaners to experienced motorhomers, the iMotorhome Magazine, App and Website is an invaluable resource to be regularly enjoyed and also shared amongst friends.


Safe travels!

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