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Project Polly DIY – The 5 Minute Job!

Time to replace a fried USB charging outlet in Project Polly. What could possibly go wrong?

Yet again our project motorhome Polly serves up a surprise when it comes time to do some quick and easy DIY. Of course...

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John H Greenwood
John H Greenwood
Apr 01, 2021

Hi...I also bought a 2011 Ford Transit in 2016 from Apollo, Sydney with 276,867kms and a Talvor fitout same as yours..I have travelled 80,332kms since, I have had no mechanical issues except to replace the alternator

Initially Apollo gave me a 3 month guarantee so I took it to diesel mechanic for a checkup...he said as far as he could tell the engine was mechanically fine..he did say that he thought the clutch was a bit dodgy...I mentioned this to Apollo and they said get it I got a brand new clutch...Apollo paid my mechanic the $2800 naturally I cant speak highly enough of Apollo

As for refinements, because I 100% free camp I added 2 x 105A…

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